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Frequently asked questions

How do I update my billing information (credit card number, email address, etc.)?

Visit your MyCommerce ID area, and update your payment details there. If you don't have User ID and Password yet, click [Request Login/Password] there.

How do I cancel my subscription?

- Visit your MyCommerce ID area, and cancel your subscription there. If you don't have User ID and Password yet, click [Request Login/Password] there.
- Or contact Desktop Fay developer and ask to cancel your subscription.

How to setup a mic?

- Right-click on a speaker icon in a Windows taskbar and select Recording devices;
- Right-click the desired voice input device, and select Set as Default Device (the menu command is not available if the device is already set as a Default Device);
- Click Properties button (or Properties context menu command);
- Click Levels tab and make sure that level is not zero. Click OK.
- You may also need to disable unused input devices (right-click and select Disable).

My assistant talks to itself.

You may need to disable a built-in laptop microphone. See previous question How to setup a mic. Built-in mics usually catch too much noise from the laptop itself, and Desktop Fay may try to interpret that noise as your words.

Can I use it with Gmail account?

Yes, you can. By default Google does not allow email client access, but you can turn it on. See the next question Cannot connect: Web login required.

When receiving emails I got error message: "Cannot connect: Web login required".

Most likely you are using Gmail. Turn on access for email apps in your Google account:
- Visit;
- Sign in to your Google account if currently signed out;
- Turn on the Allow less secure apps option.

Google calls email clients "less secure apps" because it wants to show you ads, and so wants you to use your browser instead of an email client. Obviously to achieve that, Google is using controversial OAuth 2.0 protocol. You can read about its security at and

Desktop Fay does not use this controversial and insecure protocol, so you need to make Gmail compatible by allowing "less secure apps", which in fact may be more secure (see wikipedia links above).

Is Desktop Fay secure in regard to sending/receiving emails?

Desktop Fay is as secure as the best email apps. It is using OpenSSL cryptography toolkit. You need to check your email settings to make sure that SSL/TLS or at least STARTTLS connection security is enabled.

How do I personalize email messages when sending to a mailing list?

You can use %FirstName, %LastName, %FullName, and %Email tags in the message text.

During Desktop Fay installation, MS Speech Platform fails to install.

Desktop Fay uses Microsoft Speech Platform for speech synthesis. You can install it separately - download from (select x86 version, even if your Windows is x64).
If MS Speech Platform fails to install, you can try the following:
- Uninstall Fay;
- Reboot;
- Install the Microsoft Speech Platform 11 (run as admin);
- Install Fay (run as admin).